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My main interest lies with weaving, but I thoroughly enjoy and practice other fiber and textile arts and crafts such as spinning, sewing, knitting, embroidery, cross stitch, fabric design, and more.

I have woven for more than 25 years, taking advanced weaving courses and completing hundreds of other projects. Not content to just follow the standard "recipes", I love innovation and experimentation. All these fiber arts can be mutually beneficial, as tools and techniques and ideas may be adapted from one to another.

Living in Canada in a fairly remote location, from a weaving viewpoint, it was a very real challenge to get instruction beyond the basics. To help others learn this wonderful craft, I have run many local courses for beginning and advanced weaving techniques.

As the site develops, I hope you will find something here to help or inspire your own work no matter where you live.


Weaving and Spinning

Weaving or Spinning Clubs and Guilds
Weaving Loom and Spinning Wheel Maintenance or Repair

Other Useful Subjects

Some pages elsewhere on the site will relate to topics from my husband's interests in metalworking, woodworking, fine art, and photography. The metalworking home page includes many topics with tips useful around the house or with other crafts. The digital photography file will be of assistance to anyone with an interest in improving their skills.

ACME Digital Photography Primer
Machining and Metalworking at Home (more than 70 files)

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